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Seismic Architecture

Unlocking the Value in Existing Buildings

In this informative downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover:

  • The five good reasons to save existing structures
  • New Zealand Legal requirements to upgrade buildings
  • Where to start with a seismic strengthening project
  • and much more!

We prepared this guide to highlight the options available to owners of seismically challenged buildings.

Being in this situation can be frustrating, the extent of the problems, in terms of cost to repair, are often overstated.

In many situations, a lot of time and money is spent solving seismic issues, without consideration of the end use, and the risk factors that dictate the level of upgrade required.

It is a costly exercise to engage engineers to design a seismic solution, only to have to get them to start over again, to suit occupant and tenant requirements.

By starting out right, a seismic strengthening project can be a rewarding experience in terms of the uplift in value, and financial returns.

We hope this guide is inspiring and we look forward to your feedback on its contents.

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