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Commercial Building Refurbishment

We understand the pressure on building owners to upgrade the seismic performance of older buildings. mitchinsonsimiona has been involved in a number of refurbishment projects, where structural upgrade is part of an overall plan to maximise commercial value. There is no denying that the public love older buildings, therefore to own one is clearly not a disadvantage. Our clients understand the investment potential of existing buildings, and engage us to help unlock this value. This type of work is always challenging, and at mitchinsonsimiona this is what we do best.


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We first formulate the brief, around site constraints and client needs, identifying the best options available, to start the project.
This brief informs the preliminary design stage where concepts are developed and tested and ideas become sketch plans.
Sketch plans describe a proposed building in a broad overview and clients will be able to see how the final building might look and how it is laid out, and how it fits within council planning rules.
The next step is the developed design stage, where sizes are confirmed, materials are selected and appropriate fixings and fastenings are determined, all in accordance with requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.
In the developed design stage we work with and coordinate the design of other specialist consultants, such as structural engineers.


We prepare plans and specifications to instruct contractors in what and how to build.
This documentation is also used to demonstrate compliance with the New Zealand Building Code, to be able to obtain a Building Consent.
Documentation is prepared to industry accepted standards and to a high level of accuracy, to ensure that the building produced from these plans meets the original design requirements, and stays on budget.


We can assist you with contractor selection by recommendation or a competitive tender process.
Tendering is carried out in accordance with strict process to ensure that legal requirements are met in this critical phase leading into a formal contract agreement.
Any negotiation that we lead is documented to cement the terms of the contract.
We prepare contract documentation to set the responsibilities between the client and contractor, and we administer the contract throughout the building process.
Administering the contract involves keeping track of time, cost and quality with skilled direction to the contractor, and administrative assistance to the client.

Working with Bruce Mitchinson and David Simiona was a real pleasure. They have the technical expertise to develop good practical workable buildings which are aesthetically pleasing. We had no Council problems with permits or compliance of statutory and local body rules. The job came in under budget and on time. This is not easy with a refurbishment of a 1970’s commercial building, particularly a bank as there are unknowns around the vault system.

Val Steven – Executive Trustees

The quality of Mitchinson Simiona’s documentation and delivery to Auckland City Council in the planning consent stage, led by David Simiona, was excellent and met or exceeded our expectation. Likewise technical design and site problem-solving skills demonstrated by Bruce Mitchinson met or exceeded expectation and played a key role in keeping the project on track.

John Courtney – Hotel Debrett

Overall Mitchinson Simiona’s services were delivered within time and agreed budgets subject to approved variations. We found their level of service was high with excellent quality drawings and specifications. As planners we work with a number of architecture practices, and would not hesitate to recommend Mitchinson Simiona.

Aaron Andrew – Andrew Stewart

About mitchinsonsimiona [architects]

Experience is everything in our industry, and we come with a wealth of experience across many building types, uses, materials, and procurement methods.
Problem solving is what we do, whether it’s the big picture or minute detail, on paper or on site, a process or something more solid, we sort out the difficult issues, so you don’t have to.
We understand your needs, we have built buildings for ourselves so we know what it is like to be in the clients shoes.

How to Hire an Architect?

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project for your business or personal life, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right architect. The architect determines the design and function of a space or building as well as the emotional toll and financial costs involved in its construction.

You may be wondering: how do I find the right architect?

Finding your perfect match in an architect is not impossible and we’ll show you eight points to guide you along the way. Use these points to help analyze the personality, design strategy and communication skills of your candidates. Click the button to learn more and to download your free guide on How to Hire An Architect.


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