We have to take out hat off to the developers, for their vision, on this one.
Recreating the atmosphere of the travelers Hotel, that these buildings were designed for, back in the early 1900’s, was not an easy task.
Over time there had been many alterations, additions, and changes in use, which left the original hotel in a state of disrepair.
When we came on to the project a significant part of the building had not been occupied for a number of years.
Changes in the structural code meant that seismic upgrade work had to be carried out in conjunction with any proposed works.
When space is tight, and the integrity of the heritage component is at stake, then seismic architecture comes into play.
Dislocating structures, by creating an atrium space, while strengthening elements, and the connections between them, meant close work with the structural engineer to get this right.
The Hotel is now renowned as the place to stay in Auckland, and there are a number of regular customers, who enjoy the unique boutique hotel experience, and wont stay anywhere else.