“Building is easy” says the architect, and this is reinforced by clever advertising, like the DIY do-up shows, that have become popular evening TV viewing.
Why is it then, that we continually hear of the stress, and frustration, that building projects cause for their owners?
I guess that the architect’s response is expected, its their day job, and they should have their heads around this.
Architects only want you to see the good stuff, and insulate you from the mundane, time consuming, seemingly impossible problems that are the constant reality, behind the scenes.
If you are not used to managing a cast of players, all expressing their unique opinions, ideas, agendas, and sales-pitch’s, then it’s a good chance you are in for a rough ride, if you decide to take a building project on.
Having plenty of choice does sound liberating, however keep in mind that most of the obvious solutions to a building problem will have a knock-on effect in other areas, and these wont be obvious at the time.
Sure, it can be a great learning experience, but in building, the stakes are high, and making the wrong choice can be costly.
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