Its not a race

The first thing we often tell our clients to do, is to slow down.
Time is always an issue, however the best way to set yourself up, to be able to manage time, is to invest time in getting well prepared.
Now this requires discipline, and it can be very tempting to want to see some immediate results by kicking off the production of plans, ordering materials, or even starting on site, for some tangible sense of progress.
Fact is, this approach puts pressure on consultant and construction teams, and this means a high risk of error, late change and re-work.
Documenting a project 3 times over, or constructing things twice, is not an efficient or cost-effective way to go about things.
Those of you out there who have been involved in one of these ‘roller coaster’ projects will know what I mean.
Working out what you need, what you want, what the potential road blocks are, and how much you want to spend, are just a handful of things you should have answers for, before you commit to the serious stuff.
If you are not sure how to start off, we can help.

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