what is architecture…..

What is architecture?

It is a complicated question , but simply put, architecture is the shape or form of things, and it is the shape and form that affects our experience.

There is architecture in process, literature, movies, music, business plans, and, of course, buildings.

In all these things, the more complex the mix, and the more simple the structure, that binds it together, the better the architecture.

We are all familiar with popular music and movies, these are a big part of our modern culture, and are readily accessible.

There are lots of good books out there too, with some classic stories, that provide hours of entertainment and intrigue.

Movies, music , and books all spark a mountain of debate and discussion, and we can all appreciate the value, when we describe these as ‘light’ or ‘timeless’ , for example, to describe their architecture .

When it comes to architecture in buildings, however, the fan base is not as broad, and this reflects on the quantity and quality of the discussion on this topic.

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