Kakariki [street] House

When we stumbled upon this property, in Kakariki Street, it had been sitting vacant for ages.

Located behind an existing house, down a long right of way, difficult planning restrictions, ground like a ski-slope, large protected trees, and to top it all off, a creek running through the middle of it.

All good reasons to walk away, you might think, but David Simiona, only saw potential, and set about designing his new family home.

Elevating the main living floor, including an impressive cantilever section, increased the sunlight exposure, and provided an outlook into the canopies of the mature trees.

Kakariki is Maori for green, and this literal connection with the location, is in the design.

Passive solar features enhance the comfortable living experience.

It feels like you are sitting alone in the middle of a forest, when, in fact, the house is surrounded by existing residences, in a reasonably dense suburban setting.

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