working with wendys

The Wendy’s hamburger brand was founded by Dave Thomas, in Columbus Ohio, in 1969, and is now the worlds third largest hamburger chain.

Here in New Zealand, the philosophy ‘Quality is our Recipe’ encompasses the whole Wendys experience, right down to the construction of their buildings, and store fit outs.

Over the last few years we have worked with Wendys to complete a number of new stores, and upgrade some of their existing outlets.

We are now into the second phase of the new-look Wendys Hamburger stores.

While the design is largely driven by Wendys, our role is to help coordinate the roll-out, with our planning, documentation, and contract administration skill.

Included in the list of new stores, is the replacement for the restaurant, that was abandoned after the Christchurch earthquakes, after only two months trading.

While the old brick building, that housed the store, was still in tact after the disastrous events, it sat in the middle of the red zone, and had to be demolished.

The new store will occupy the same spot, as part of the new Cashell Square development.


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